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Address:42# People East Road,Chengguan Town,Xinchang County ,Shaoxing City ,Zhejiang Pronvice ,China 

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Zhejiang xinchang nanming machine Co.,Lcd(Zhejiang xinchang nanming machine factory) was set up in Junes of 1958.It is a system association of cold air condition industryog of China , Chinese car industry association and car air condition work member of committee member unit, is a car air condition the thermodynamic energy inflate the valve's fixed-point business enterprise.

That company produces to make the cold accessories to lord with the professions, and predominate the product is a car air condition thermodynamic energy inflation valve and car air condition liquid desiccator, vapor liquid separate etc..Company in be turned by clear machine factory of south to share system the business enterprise, current officers and workers' more than 140seses, various profession technical personnel 25 people in 1998, among them 13 people, factory area of engineering technical personnel cover the area 14000 square meters, building area 11000 square meters, factory area locate Shaoxing City in eastern region of Xinchang County downtown, with rather wave City is each 90 kilometers, superhighway transportation are convenient...